Friday, September 24, 2010

Janney Back to School Nite is HAPPENING

If you live in the GoldenZipCode and you happen to be part of the Janney Cult then tonight is one of the bigger festivals/rituals in AUP.

We will gather with Tupperware full of home cooked goodies and table upon table of whole food purchased goodies as well.     

Personally the home cooked offer the chance of getting a treat from another culture since we have such a large international and multiracial community.    In my own home my kids represent just that as they are product of (Lusitania/Other Baltic?-Columbia/German)on their mom's side and (Scottish/Irish-Danish/German) on mine.  So when I hear the narrative being spun in the media or in conversation about the rich white folk in ward 3 it gets my hackles UP.   Besides like many we strive to make them aware of their past however the real focus on the NOW and that is what i find engaging in many of the kids in this community is how aware of NOW they are IMHO..  

So for NOW myself and a great community will be gathering for a shared annual event around our beloved Janney and do what mankind has done for the last 5000 years.  Share a meal.   To bad the press or lamestream media won't cover the real character and melting pot~luck culture we value and they ballyhoo over in the talking head culture that is rampant in the District.

See you there.......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Every Day in AU PARK is Car Free Day or could be.

I have a car that I love to drive. Yet! it sits in a garage under wraps and waits.  Day after Day after weeks sometimes no one comes to open it's doors, sit in the old glove soft leather seats, grip it's steering wheel, let alone fire up that legendary German engine 

The exust  that often sets car alarms off as we leave parking garages sits silent and as the sound of foot steps all around it's Yokohama's ring out of life lived . And what was that ~bike TIRES  a drop of oil rolls off the engine block, as tires squeak on past and the voices carry out into the light that is on the other side of the 3 walls, 2 doors and 1 roof that keeps a few horses under raps,

We only hear the sound of laughter fading into the chours of chatterin birds, squirrels shakin trees as the lossen nuts ramblingly bonk bounce and bashin what every is below that is the echo of carlessness and the one we hold dear in American University Park.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Local Block Parties

So one of the best parts of living in AUPARK is the block parties.  While we neighbors may differ on some of our micro political views. lets face it almost everyone voted for Obama and they voted for Mary Cheh too.  So what doesn't kill us will unite us over a few beverages, great food and AUParkers.

We have them running from the small alley ones, Shhhhhhhhh dont' tell anyone to a whole block and sometime server blocks coming together.   Halloween is pretty much a gaint AUPARKBLOCK Party......and MayFair @ Turtle park is one of the larger ones.

I'll make sure to post some pictures from them as we navigate the block party landscape of American University Park. Or as we like to call it the GoldenZipCode.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to the Golden Zip Code.

There is are many expression that are used to describe the process of getting to our slice of Heaven.  American University Park or AUPark.  

This blog is going to give you the perspective of what it's like to Live, Love, Learn and Social Network in AUPARK.

With some respect we'll try to have an objective blog prespective as long as you agree that public good trumps individual good ~ IMHO this does not mean trample on rights.

 It means that if you think that your lack of sidewalk and presence of pretty flowers makes folks that think having a side walk; So that elder residents, children and anyone one that is the least bit ambulatoryly hindered kooky then you'll not like much you find herein .

 So get ready it will all be here.